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Crippling Snowstorm Could Bury New England, Bring 4-8 Inches To Schuylkill County

Looks like our next snow storm is getting ready to make it’s appearance.  Weather models are beginning to agree and they are all point to the New England states getting walloped with possibly 2 feet of snow.

Luckily Schuylkill County is on the lower side of this storm but we aren’t out of the wood.  Predictions are the NorthEast PA and Schuylkill County could get anywhere from 4-8 inches of snow.

Look for the storm to his Friday Evening into Saturday morning.  The heaviest of the snow being overnight


2nd Alarm Fire Hits Old Mahanoy City Plant


Around 2PM, crews were called to a fire in Mahanoy City at the old cigar plant.  It was quickly upgraded to a 2nd Alarm fire when crews arrived because flames were already showing through the roof of the building. (more…)

Schuylkill County Loves Pizza (11 Pics)

 406360photo1 (more…)

Skook News Weather Forecast – 1/30/13

Flood Watch Until 7 AM Thursday

It’s going to feel like spring today with temperatures reaching to almost 60 degrees.  Unfortunately, it’s going to be cloudy all day with the threat of showers and even some thunderstorms later on in the afternoon.

Tonight, temperatures will dip into the lower 40’s and the rain is going to get heavier.  There will still be some thunderstorms in the area due to the warm temperatures.

Tomorrow, things are going to feel much more normal.  The morning temperatures will be the high temps for the day and as the day goes on, we are going to go back down into the 30’s.  Much more sunshine tomorrow though and only a threat of flurries in the afternoon as the temperatures drop.

Poll: Are You For or Against Mahanoy Area’s Toilet Paper Policy?

Weather Forecast For the Rest of Monday and Tuesday (1/28 & 1/29)

While the worst of the storm is over, we aren’t out of the woods yet.

Rain is moving into the area but due to the colder temperatures early in the afternoon, keep an eye out for some freezing rain.  As the afternoon goes on though, temperatures will rise and we will switch back to just rain.

As the rain tapers off, that will bring out the fog for early evening.  The rest of the night will be cloudy.

High temps today, 35, low tonight 33.

Tuesday is looking much warmer, but still cloudy and maybe a shower in the afternoon.  Highs in the mid 40’s and lows in the lower 40’s

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